When the onus is on you,I'm here to help.

Tax Research and Analysis

Hello, my name is Ron Sass, the sole proprietor of Theeonus, LLC. As a certified public accountant and former IRS examiner and tax analyst, I remind clients that "the onus is on them" to have the requisite knowledge on key issues for which they are responsible. As this is not an easy task, I am here to help; hence I call my business Theeonus.  


My clients include lawyers, accountants, enrolled agents, and tax managers. I have years of experience in tax analysis and research, including motor fuel excise taxes. My insider knowledge of the IRS exam process is an added benefit. 


My primary focus is to provide awareness, reduce uncertainty, and help overcome business challenges. I am generally called upon once all other resources have been exhausted, or to provide a second opinion to a complicated technical issue. If you find yourself with questions and would like to discuss further, my approach to helping you is as follows:


  • Gather background information and all necessary source data.
  • Apply the facts to laws, regs, notices, etc.
  • Identify issue(s).
  • Formulate a position.
  • Communicate findings.
  • Support the decision making process. 


I am available to help you with tax law research and inquiries, internal control and data analysis, exam representation, tax and claim matter resolution, registration assistance, employee training support, and business operational reviews.






Theeonus, LLC

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